Building A Scalable, Repeatable & Predictable Cold Email Engine

Are you a high performing founder looking to execute a cold email campaign?

As a StartUp founder your instinct is 100% correct, if I can just get my solution in to the hands of my target buyers, it will build some awareness, some branding and some % will convert to customers, and doing it in bulk is the quickest and most viable way to reach my targets. The issue is you are doing it wrong…

(00:00) but for so many kind of first-time founders there is a race to just grab as many emails as humanly possible throw them into Outreach or HubSpot or some other automation platform and then just kind of start running and spray and pray spray and pray meaning I’m going to send this generic email to literally anybody and everybody as wide as humanly possible because if I just get one more customer from it it would have been worth it and you know maybe I get some awareness and maybe I get higher volume and the second reason Founders tend to
(00:36) kind of spray and pray is you’ve got so many things on your agenda and so many things to do that maybe you can just knock this one thing out quickly and if you can automate it and just kick it out it’s done and now you can move on to kind of the next thing that you have to do

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