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StartUp Advisor vs Founder Coach

A startup advisor is a professional who provides guidance and support to early-stage companies on a range of topics, including business strategy, technical issues, sales, and scaling. Advisors are often compensated with equity in the company and may have a specific area of expertise or focus. They may serve as part of an advisory board […]

Which Co-Founder Makes The Final Call?

It’s important for co-founders to establish clear roles and responsibilities from the very beginning of their company. This includes determining who will serve as the CEO and who will be responsible for making final decisions. There are a few reasons why this is important: There may be cases where co-founders agree to a more flexible […]

Early Employees Struggle As Your StartUp Scales

When a startup is first getting off the ground, the founders often wear many hats and handle a wide range of tasks. As the company grows and begins to scale, it becomes necessary to bring on additional team members to help support the business. These first few hires can be crucial to the success of […]

2022: 12 Books StartUp Founders Need To Read

Incredible entrepreneurs are deeply curious, understand everything is connected, and often go down rabbit holes of knowledge unrelated to anything in their world. It is rare to find a high-performing founder that does not read, whether it be blogs, books or newspapers. It is impossible that you won’t learn something, craft a new opinion, or […]

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