StartUp Founders: Start Building A Feedback Community Through Reddit

Looking for a network to bounce ideas off of and get constructive feedback as a first-time founder? Check out Reddit.

As a first-time founder, it can be challenging to find a network to bounce ideas off of and get constructive feedback. However, there is one platform that can be a goldmine for early-stage startups: Reddit.

Reddit is a massive online community that caters to almost every industry and interest group. With its engaged user base, there are numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who are willing to share their expertise and provide valuable feedback.

As a startup consultant, I often recommend that first-time founders take advantage of this platform. Jumping onto Reddit can help you start building a community and feedback loop early on. By sharing your ideas and asking for feedback, you can receive valuable insights from people across various industries and competencies.

Asking the right questions is essential when seeking feedback. Be specific about the areas you are focusing on and what problems you are trying to solve. Share screenshots and visuals of your MVP, and ask for feedback on your go-to-market strategy, pricing, features, and values. Be open to receiving criticism and take it as an opportunity to improve your product.

One of the benefits of Reddit is that it allows for anonymity, making it easier to ask vulnerable questions and receive candid feedback. You can be honest about your inexperience and seek advice on the unknown unknowns, those aspects of your business that you may not even know you need help with.

Reddit is an excellent resource for startup founders, and there are numerous success stories of companies that have leveraged the platform to gain valuable feedback. One such example is the skincare brand Deciem, whose CEO Brandon Truaxe regularly shared updates and engaged with customers on the SkincareAddiction subreddit, helping the company gain a loyal following and valuable feedback.

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