StartUp Founders: Use The Right Fuel To Make Incredible Decisions Fast.

Discover the power of prioritizing sleep, diet, and exercise as a startup founder to improve brain function, decision-making, and overall performance in your business endeavors.

As a startup founder, making quick and brilliant decisions is key to success. But with an endless to-do list, international teams, and customers in different time zones, it can be tough to keep up. That’s where three performance-enhancing “drugs” come in, according to James Sinclair, a startup consultant.

In a recent talk, Sinclair shared his top three tips for increasing velocity and capability: sleep, diet, and exercise. “It seems so pedestrian, so normal to give this kind of conception about, it’s not conceptual advice, it’s fact,” Sinclair said.

First on the list is sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for optimal brain function, and it’s important to prioritize it over that extra hour of work. “Your body needs it, it will compound,” Sinclair emphasized. Even if it means taking a nap during the day, sleep wherever and whenever you can.

Next up is diet. It’s important to fuel your body with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and to stay hydrated with plenty of water. When traveling for conferences or working late, try to have a go-to alternative to junk food.

Finally, exercise is key. Even just a short walk or some stretching can help increase brain function and decision-making abilities. “Those are the three that will deliver you the most value as a startup founder,” Sinclair said.

While it may seem difficult to make these changes with a busy schedule, Sinclair stressed that it’s worth it. “You’re not being judged on the hours you spend working, you’re being judged on the results you deliver for your organization,” he said.

Sinclair’s advice is backed up by research showing that sleep, diet, and exercise can all have significant impacts on brain function and decision-making abilities. By prioritizing these three things, startup founders can set themselves up for success and achieve their goals more efficiently.

As Sinclair put it, “I wish even though I knew this information, I actually took it to heart earlier. I know I would have been more productive because I know my velocity would have increased because I know my decision making would have been better.” So take his advice and start prioritizing sleep, diet, and exercise for better performance and success in your startup endeavors.

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