StartUp Founders: What do you see that I don’t? (Vision)

Incredible entrepreneurs see these tiny fractional opportunities in the market that everyone else is missing. They know exactly how to solve the problem, and they explain why everyone else is thinking about it wrong.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, an intriguing query consistently piques my curiosity: What do you, the founder, perceive that remains unseen to others, such as myself? As an experienced startup consultant, I frequently find myself enamored by the innovative products and the significant market problems entrepreneurs are striving to solve. Their solution, often, seems perfectly in alignment with the problem at hand. Yet, it leaves me wondering why aren’t others walking the same path? What distinguishes your vision from the norm?

When observing your startup, it’s not just the product or the market that I scrutinize. It’s the underlying aspects: the unfolding opportunities, the technological advancements, the timing, the behavioural changes within society. What do you see in these elements that I, or others, may not? It’s often those entrepreneurs who can perceive a subtle shift from the conventional view, the ones who can catch a glimpse just a few millimeters off the beaten path, who stand out as true game-changers.

The true genius of these entrepreneurs lies not only in their distinct vision but also in their ability to translate this vision into a tangible product. They discern a unique problem, devise a solution, and know exactly how to implement it. It’s nothing short of remarkable.

Despite the compelling idea and the sizable market, one might still question, “Why isn’t everyone else pursuing this?” Or, more critically, “What is it about your proposition that I’m missing?” This brings us to the crux of competitive advantage – the unique selling proposition (USP) that makes one think, “Ah, that indeed is a notable point.”

True vision, a deep understanding of the market, and an unequivocal comprehension of how your solutions can have an impact, these are what differentiate a great entrepreneur. This reminds me of a profound statement by Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Just like his, the visions of exceptional entrepreneurs often diverge only slightly from the prevailing view. However, those few degrees of deviation can create an immense impact as the journey unfolds. Wishing you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey!

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