Why Do I Charge For The Intro Consult?

As a StartUp Consultant & Founder Coach, some people are surprised that I charge a fee for the Intro Consult. A session where I learn about you, your business, your goals and how I can be of value to your journey. To me, this is not an Intro Consult, its Session 0 and we hit the ground running.

I understand many coaches offer free consultations, I am not one of them. There are a few good reasons:

  1. With free consultations, my week will be full of repetitive calls to prospects who might be window shopping, looking for free advice or just a bad fit. I have no interest in dedicating that amount of time to people who have no intention of working with me and ultimately taking thinking time away from my actual clients.
  2. The consult is not a Sales Call, we spend very little time on introductions, it is an actual Session where we dive in and create value, so you are not paying for a sales call, you are paying for a consult session.
  3. I do not outsource my Intro Calls, there is no BDR in between who qualifies you, no one else who turns up on the call. This is me, my business, my coaching. The only way it scales is having a tighter and more focused funnel where I know upfront you are a high performer, understand your challenges and are ready to accelerate.
  4. I am deeply invested in your success. If we have the call and we are not a good fit, I will still deliver you value, define a strategy and make myself available as a trusted friend when you need some advice. If we are a good fit, I am “all in” and we are likely communicating through the week and when needed jumping on quick calls between our regularly schedule sessions.

Most importantly, I want to know you are serious about achieving your goals and working with me. If you are not sure you actually want help, I am not here to change your mind, you need to want it before we speak.


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