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Engaging with a StartUp Advisor is about arming you with the playbook to accelerate your journey, overcome obstacles and cut intelligent corners to build an incredible company. It's for founders who understand their challenges and are ready to become high-performers.

The Intro Call

Aka Session 0


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The intro call is as much about getting to know each other as it is about diving head first into a problem. It is your first session and we hit the ground running so you can immediately see the benefits and impact I can have on you and your business.

We dive straight in, learning about you, your solution, your market, your challenges and getting a view on what you think are your key objectives. We dig into the problem statements, the team, the funding requirements, the go to market, and more. It is an accelerated Business Canvas overview to get a high level understanding of where you are right now and where you want to be.

We walk out of your first call, having discussed your vision and how we might execute it. This might be a personal game plan to become a high performing CEO, it might be about bringing your product or service to market, it might be about accelerating scale. The point is that you leave Session 0 with a strategy.

Why do I charge for the Intro Call?


What Happens Now?

If after the first call, we would like to continue a relationship together, depending on the nature of the engagement this is either a monthly retainer or an ad-hoc hourly model.


Pricing is reflective on where you are on your founder journey and the level of assistance you need to accelerate your journey. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur who is currently working full time and building out their new business on the side, or if you have the idea and are building your early MVP and and go to market, all the way to post fundraise, in-revenue founders - pricing is reflective on value.

We are creating a partnership, it is more than just our weekly calls. Throughout the week if you need help, have a question need a quick chat, I am available and respond in almost real time. There are no contracts, no obligations, this is a relationship built and maintained solely on value delivery.


$2,500 - $4,500 pm

For Founders / StartUps in the ideation through early funding or early traction. Looking to go through idea validation (PMF) and distribution (GTM), and the building out of an objectives driven strategic plan based on defined milestones.


$4,500 - $8,500 pm

For Founders / StartUps either in revenue or funded, looking to accelerate to the next milestone via intelligent growth, obsessive customer success, profitable customer acquisition and core organizational pillars to deliver it.


$450 ph

For founders with a singular issue, ad-hoc consulting is an hourly model sold in 4hr blocks.

Hourly assistance is offered often only by referral from your board or investors.

What’s Included?

All founders are expected to be available for a weekly recurring call, and touch points throughout the week of assigned tasks or results. Depending on the space, you might be asked to provide access either directly or via automated reports to your sales, roadmap or other tools.

Hourly Model: If you have a singular issue or objective that we need to work on together, we move to an hourly model. This allows us to be hyper focused on your issue and where possible ignore the other components of your development or organizational opportunities. Under this model, there is a minimum commitment of 4hrs. There are no deliverables outside of the hourly call. This might be focused on fundraising, hiring, go to market or other isolated topic.

Monthly Program: Depending on where you are on your journey, we enter into a monthly retainer model, that includes four 60-90 minute sessions per month, as well as interim quick sessions and communications, whether that be via text or a working document. If you have an issue that arises that requires immediate discussion, you will text me directly and we will have a call or if required a zoom. I respond almost instantly to founders in between sessions. Under a monthly retainer you have founder obligations to be accountable, to work between sessions on the agreed areas and come to the meeting prepared and ready.