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StartUp Founders

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Are you a StartUp Founder or Entrepreneurial Corporate Exec looking to learn more about the process, the journey, the fit, the methodology, the expectations and everything in between? Please book an Intro Consult, that’s literally the purpose.

If charging for the Intro Call is a scary concept, then you can read more here, but I am likely the wrong consultant for you. If however, you just have one question, you just HAVE to get answered, then please send me a message via WhatsApp.

Please do not send a message just saying “Hi” – Please introduce yourself and let me know how I can help.

Vendors, Partners

+ Other Consultants


Are you a Company, Partner or Curious Human who wants to get into this field?

If you are looking for group consultation, guest speaker, lecturer or exploring an innovation program please do connect.

If you are an accomplished entrepreneur looking to get into this field, you are welcome to reach out, I am happy to chat with you, and if there is a fit, potentially include you in my circle of referrals.

If you have a product or service offering that might be of value to the market I am always happy to review. I do not accept any form of commission, affiliate or other payment from any vendor in any manner.