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Twenty Years Of Implementing Silicon Valley Methodologies In The Middle East

As the tech world faces mass layoffs and industry challenges, the GCC is taking bold steps to double down on entrepreneurialism, technology services, and innovation.

The Dubai Model, a framework designed to make it easier for those with great ideas to bring them to life, has gained traction across the GCC, providing a streamlined approach to starting and scaling up businesses. The region is witnessing an unprecedented level of value creation, scale support, and investment opportunities, creating an ecosystem ripe for the next generation of entrepreneurs to thrive.

With a robust infrastructure in place and a strong commitment to promoting innovation, the GCC is quickly becoming a hotbed for startups, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to launch or scale their business in the Middle East.

The GCC represents the largest opportunity for StartUp Entrepreneurs

A dynamic economy, access to capital and a supportive government infrastructure means you get to be on the ground floor.
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Lift & Shift Model

The GCC's unique economic climate, combined with its rich tribal knowledge and nuanced business practices, make it an ideal destination for companies seeking to import and localize their products and services from the Global North. The Lift & Shift model offers a streamlined approach to rapid scaling and eventual exit, providing a competitive edge in a rapidly growing market.

New Market Opportunities

The rapid and large investment into the region, offers numerous net new business ideas, gaps, and untapped opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference. By building on existing models or creating something entirely new, businesses can tap into the region's vast potential and create innovative solutions that address real-world problems. With the right approach and a deep understanding of the local market, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Auxiliary Services

With new StartUps & ScaleUps comes the need of auxiliary services, systems, and tools that entrepreneurs need to succeed, often referred to as pick and shovel businesses. From legal and financial services to marketing and logistics, these support systems enable entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best - bringing their ideas to life. By leveraging these services, businesses can accelerate their growth and achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.

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